Active holiday - cycling and hiking

The Hotel "Willmersdorfer Hof" is the ideal starting point for long bike rides.


Use our hotel as a base to explore various destinations in the area by bike.


Discover the region via five different cycle paths that pass directly on the "Willmersdorfer Hof":


           - "Fürst-Pückler-Weg"

                                               - "Spreeradweg"

                                               - "Tour Brandenburg"

                                               - "Niederlausitzer Bergbautour"

                                               - "Gurkenradweg Spreewald"


Bike tours suggestions:

Be inspired by our day tour suggestions:



"Fürst-Pückler-Park Branitz" (return journey approx. 20 km):

Discover the "Fürst-Pückler-Park" in Cottbus-Branitz by bicycle. Enjoy the nature and let the atmosphere of the beautiful park, with its characteristic pyramids and small lakes, affect you. Worth seeing is also the castle in the center of the park, which i.a. houses he historic living quarters of the "Fürst von Pückler-Muskau". The excursion can be easily combined with a visit to the animal park, which is located in the vicinity of the "Fürst-Pückler-Park".



"Peitzer Teiche" and "Tagebau Jänschwalde" (return journey approx. 25 km):

Here you can get an insight into the active opencast mine in Jänschwalde. You can see the apron clearing, as well as the precut operation with bucket wheel excavator, the overburden conveyor bridge "F60", the coal mining and also already recultivated areas northeast of Cottbus. From Willmersdorf you can take the bike path "Niederlausitzer Bergbautour" via Veuendorf and Bärenbrück directly to the opencast mining area. It is also nice to include a detour to the "Peitzer Teiche" in the route.



Burg in the Spreewald (round trip about 40 km):

Discover the beautiful Spreewald on a bike ride from "Willmersdorfer Hof". Follow the "Gurkenradweg" through an idyllic landscapeto Burg. This part of Spreewald has a lot to offer its visitors. With sights such as the mighty "Bismarckturm", the "Heimatstube", the old Spreewald train station, the "Kur- und Sagenpark" and much more, Burg is always worth a visit. You should not miss aboat trip on the countless channals in and around Burg. Boat rentals offer canoes and paddle boats for hire.



Forst with East German rose garden (round trip about 52 km):

At a distance of about 26 km is the beautiful city of Forst. On the way there is Klinge with the open-air museum "Zeitsprung" and the "Raubrittertor"


The city Forst is mainly known by the former textile industry, whose history can be traced in the textile museum. Aspecial highlight is the East German rose garden with more than 850 varieties of roses. In 2013, he celebrates his 100th anniversary with the "Deutsche Rosenschau 2013" from 14 June to 29 September 2013


Hiking selection:

You can also hike from "Willmersdorfer Hof". Very nice is a hike to the "Peitzer Teichen", a large contiguous pond area, where rare birds are to be observed.


Worthwhile is also a hike in the "Spreeaue", where you can see aurochs, wild horses and water buffalo.