The beautiful Spreewald

The Spreewald is a unique cultural landscape and habitat of many rare animal and plant species. In order to preserve this special landscape, the Spreewald was awarded the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1990. Experience the beauty and uniqueness of the Spreewald with its wide-ranging rivers, pristine nature and the everyday peculiarities that tourists encounter. The post office, which is distributed by boat in Lehde, the bilingual signposts and signage in German and Sorbian as well as the traditional customs and customs. There is much to discover for visitors. Indispensable is a boat trip on the countless rivers. For active hire boats are available for your own exploration of the scenic surroundings. Also by bike worth a discovery tour, for example. About the Gurkenradweg. The many smaller and larger towns attract with all kinds of sights. Special attractions include the traditional festivals such as the "Zapust", the Easter procession or the "Hahnrupfen". Why not try painting eggs according to the Sorbian tradition?

The Spreewald in winter

Even in winter, the Spreewald is worth a visit! Punt rides have their very own charm in the cold season. Various ferry companies, for example, in Burg, Lübbenau and Lübben offer mummel and mulled wine train rides on ice-free rivers. Wrapped in warm blankets, it goes by boat through the frosty winter landscape. Once the rivers have frozen, a whole new way of discovering offers itself: ice skating. Kilometers of round trips through the Spreewald are possible in this way.

A selection of places worth seeing

Burg in the Spreewald:

Burg is one of the most famous places in the Spreewald and with its spa and wellness facilities "state approved resort". With its many rivers Burg invites you to varied boat trips. Discover the striking 27m high Bismarck tower, which is waiting to be climbed, as well as the DDR Museum with many original exhibits. The Heimatstube Burg offers in changing exhibitions an insight into the past and present life of the Sorbs and their customs. Worth seeing are also the medicinal and spice plant garden in Burg, the cure and legend park as well as the old station with event gastronomy, one of the most beautiful narrow gauge railway stations in Germany.

The outdoor museum in Lehde:

The open-air museum Lehde brings its visitors closer to the traditional life of the Sorbs and Wends. Immerse yourself in the history of the three ancient farmhouses and the oldest dug-out of the village. Also an art gallery, pottery, a costume exhibition and a cottage garden invite you to explore.

The Dutch windmill in Straupitz:

This unique windmill houses a functioning grain mill, a sawmill and probably the last oil mill of its kind in Germany. Watch the miller during hard work and taste freshly pressed linseed oil. Since only small quantities of linseed oil are produced, it is exclusively available in the farm shop of the mill.

White Stork Center Vetschau:

The white stork center in Vetschau offers a lot of information about the stork and other native animal species. In the summer, the white storks can be observed in their nest on the adjacent outdoor area via live cameras.