Cottbuser Ostsee

Visit the Fürst-Pückler-City Cottbus - the gateway to the Spreewald - with its beautifully restored old town. The second largest city of Brandenburg offers you various possibilities to arrange your stay. Whether culture, experience, shopping or nature, there is something for everyone.

"Fürst-Pückler Park & Schloss Branitz":

The "Fürst Pückler Park" in Cottbus-Branitz offers the visitor interesting insights into the life of Hermann Fürst von Pückler-Muskau. Take a look at various exhibitions, visit Branitz Castle, walk in picturesque parks or enjoy a gondola ride to the famous Branice pyramids. Also worth seeing is the associated Pückler Park and Castle in Bad Muskau.

"Staatstheater Cottbus":

Enjoy an evening at the Staatstheater Cottbus, the architectural jewel and cultural center of the city. Already the architecture of the house fascinates. It is unique as a "Jugendstil theater" worldwide.

Zoo Cottbus:

The largest animal park in the state of Brandenburg accommodates more than 1200 animals worth seeing. Visitors can admire native species such as wild boar and deer as well as exotic animals such as monkeys, elephants and big cats. The petting zoo, daily feeding and a playground make children's hearts beat faster.

Art Museum "Dieselkraftwerk":

Art lovers will get their money's worth in the Art Museum "Dieselkraftwerk". More than 23,000 objects of modern and contemporary art can be found here. The changing exhibitions are varied and offer visitors to visit paintings, sculptures, graphics, poster art and photographs. Changing exhibitions on various topics ensure that the Art Museum also sees itself as a "cultural center" and serves as a workshop for creative people, as a concert and dance room, stage and venue.

Filmtheater "Weltspiegel":

The oldest cinema purpose building of Brandenburg from the year 1911 opened its doors again after a long vacancy and extensive restoration in the year 2011. In a historic setting and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, it now offers visitors the best in film viewing and picture quality

Spaceflight Planetarium:

In the hemispherical building, you can experience the universe and the starry sky by projection in true-to-life representation. Many different programs and theme tours, especially for children, are offered.

Airfield Museum Cottbus e.V.:

The museum houses numerous exhibits that have been saved from destruction by the association's commitment. To visit are 35 aircraft as well as various ground service equipment, motor vehicles and other military technology. On request, visitors can also sit behind the wheel of a jet or helicopter.

Memorial "Zuchthaus Cottbus"

Checked clouds - political imprisonment in the prison Cottbus from 1933 - 1989 Permanent exhibition in the memorial "Zuchthaus Cottbus"

Military History Museum Kolkwitz:

The protective structure of the former NVA was used from 1967 as a command post of the 1st Air Defense Division of the Air Force / Air Defense. To visit is a bunker with 3 floors with 700m² ground area in up to 10 m depth. All technical facilities of the bunker are almost completely preserved or restored. Even the big air map is preserved in its original state. It's worth a visit.